Friday, July 10, 2009

Zi Sha Tea Pet

If you do a tea tasting at your local tea shop, you may notice your host pouring teas over little Zi Sha displays while he/she serving you teas. Those little Zi Sha displays are called Tea Pet. Funny, right? Like the name suggests, tea pets are for you to take care of by pouring teas over them. Tea pets can be of many different shapes, some are like animals, some are like fruits, even Buddha.

Because tea pets are made from Zi Sha, they will change colors and absorb tea aromas and oils over time after being raised by teas. People collect aged tea pets. A good Zi Sha tea pet’s price can be more than doubled after being raised for two years. Not a bad investment if you enjoying sharing your teas with your tea pet!

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Jason Witt said...

I'd like to see a Zi Sha pet in the shape of a tea leaf or perhaps two leaves and a bud. That I'd consider buying and raising.

TeaHub said...

Haha, not a bad idea.