Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emerald Green Tea – a new star from GuiZhou

Although little known outside China, GuiZhou has long been the home of many famous Chinese teas such as DuYun Mao Jiao, GuiDing Yun Wu (Mist and Cloud). GuiZhou is the only low altitude, high elevation, low sunshine tea region in China. These unique geographic and weather conditions make it one of the best tea grown regions in China.

Emerald Green Tea was first introduced in 2001. Although it only has less than 10 year’s history, it has received many national awards. Mr. ZongMao Chen, the editor-in-chief of the famous Tea Bible, said that in 2001 “The Emerald Green Tea that I had in the past few days tasted strong after 7 infusions. Based on mine many years’ experience tasting teas, quality of GuiZhou tea has far passed that of many other teas, including famous teas such as West Lake Long Jing”.

Emerald Green Tea was made of one bud and two to three leaves from high zinc and selenium tea gardens in GuiZhou. This rare zinc and selenium gives additional medical benefits to this tea. Emerald Green Tea is high in tea polyphenols and amino acid and low in caffeine. Therefore, it has rich mellow taste without unpleasant bitterness.

We will be visiting the producer this summer. More to come!

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Anonymous said...

Zinc and selenium for your health sounds interesting. Real Clouds Mist tea is good, too, as it's naturally sweet. But to get the real thing you have to pay a fairly steep price. I've heard these teas aren't well-known in the West because they lack the marketing resources of the wealthier provinces. But if they're good for the health, that's a definite benefit. --Jason

Anonymous said...

For the reasons you've mentioned--the great growing conditions of the region--Guizhou is planning to expand its tea gardens by 300%. Here is a link to the news article about it.

TeaHub said...

Thanks for the comments and the article link. We tasted some wonderful GuiDing Yun Wu (Cloud) in our recent tea trip. We are offering Du Yun Mao Jian from Guizhou this year and will offer more Guizhou teas next year. Stay tuned.