Monday, June 25, 2007

Ri Zhao Green Tea, a gem from northern China

Grown up in northern China, Ri Zhao tea trees have longer winter time than their southern siblings. Significant day-night temperature difference is good for accumulation of many critical contents. Analyses show that Ri Zhao tea has higher catechin (13.7% higher) and amino acid (5.3% higher) than similar products from southern China. Ri Zhao’s unique climate and geographic condition give its green tea clear yellow-green liquor, strong chestnut aroma, mellow sweet after taste, long lasting infusions, and rich contents of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals (selenium >=25mg/kg).

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CCTV2 – Pu-erh Bubble Burst

After reaching its peak in April, Pu-erh price fell sharply in May. CCTV recently featured a 30 minute program on the Pu-erh bubble and its burst. It documented the sharp rise and fall of Pu-erh price since last year. In large markets like Guangdong, Beijing, and Shanghai, Pu-erh price dropped as much as 40%.

Thinking back, I still could not believe what happened this spring. Heated market kept pushing raw material prices to new highs. As the CCTV program stated, local farmers raised their price expectations in the wake of this extreme Pu-erh heat. Concerns over this year’s new production prices prompted people into collecting past years’ productions. It was quite common to see that the same Pu-erh demanded twice of March’s price in April. Now, less than two months later, it is like game over…

I am happy to see the bubble burst. My affection for Pu-erh remains the same. Pu-erh is still the same Pu-erh. Let’s weed out those commercial plays, and enjoy and appreciate a good cup of Pu-erh.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Palace Museum Tribute Pu-erh is back to its hometown and Pu-erh Price keeps rising

The famous Palace Museum Golden Melon Tribute Pu-erh ended its 20 day journey and arrived at Pu-erh County on April 6. Along with arrival of the century old Pu-erh, here comes another heat wave of Pu-erh. This year’s mao cha prices have raised to 3 to 5 times of last year’s prices.

Although local tea farmers are enjoying another prosperous year, the skyrocketing costs and concerns over overheating have kept some Pu-erh producers and vendors staying on sidelines this year. How high can Pu-erh prices go? Some people have started to propose a Pu-erh future market. Humm… a Pu-erh future market, how do you like this idea?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ming Qian and Yu Qian Tea

Ming Qian (Pre-Ming) tea means teas plucked before Qing Ming. This year's Qing Ming is April 5, which means teas plucked after that can't be called Ming Qian tea. Yu Qian tea means teas plucked between Qing Ming and Gu Yu. This year's Gu Yu is April 20.

Green tea prices are generally very sensitive to these two days. Ming Qian tea normally demands hefty premiums. Yu Qian teas sometimes can be good bargains. After Gu Yu, it normally is game over for green tea producers with the exception of some northern region green teas, which harvest late due to cold weather. Although some companies produce teas all year long, quality of later harvest is nowhere close to that of spring harvest.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Si Mao City Will Change Name to Pu-erh City

The Pu-erh rush is getting even hotter. Recent news reported that Si Mao City, which enjoyed RMB 80 million sales from Pu-erh trade in 2006, will change name to Pu-erh City. The new name will take effect on April 8, 2007.

Si Mao City is happily riding the Pu-erh heat wave in recent years. Half of the city’s populations are working in Pu-erh industry. The city have many future investment projects aiming at boosting Pu-erh and related industries, which the city hope to ring in RMB 5 billion in combined sales by year 2010.



Friday, March 02, 2007

Venture Capital Eyes Pu-erh

If you are wondering where the Pu-erh heat is heading, up is the only direction. The RMB 55 million investments from two venture capital companies to a Pu-eh factory caused quite a stir in Pu-erh industry in Kunming. The appearance of Morgan Stanley partner Paul Hill (translated based on pronunciation) even raised people’s expectation in the future of Pu-erh industry. Mr. Hill even expressed their investment interest.


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