Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Making Oolong Ice Tea

We mentioned this special Oolong cold brewing method in our Hello Li Jiang blog. Here is the detailed brewing method:

Add 10-15g Oolong tea into a 1L teapot, and then add small amount of lukewarm boiled water to warm up the tea leaves. Throw away the warm water, and then quickly pour cold water into the teapot to full. Store the teapot in refrigerator for 4 hours then serve. One beauty of this brewing method is that you can still brew the tea leaves with hot water after brewing them for 3 times using cold water!

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House

Saturday, April 02, 2005

2005 Long Jing arrived in BeiJing with minimum price of RMB2800 per 500g

Star Daily March 31 news said that first batch of 2005 Long Jing arrived in Beijing by flight in the morning. This batch of Long Jing was produced on March 30th. Due to limited supplies, only 2.5kg of high price Long Jing (RMB5800 per 500g), and 10kg of moderate price Long Jing (RMB2800 per 500g) are available.

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House

Friday, April 01, 2005

Updates on 2005 West Lake Long Jing

According to news from ZJSR on March 28, local farmer and business man have confirmed that harvest of this year’s Shi (Shi Feng) Long Jing has not started. The scheduled harvest time for Shi Feng Long Jing is after April 3rd. The tea business man also said that Long Long Jing had not been available on market yet.

Mei (Mei Jia Wu) Long Jing started harvest earlier. A local business man confirmed that only a total of 4.6kg was produced after the first 3 days of the harvest. And all of them have been counted for. People paid RMB2,800 per 500g for these Mei Long Jing.

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House