Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Purple Lady Green Tea

We first introduced Purple Lady green tea to oversea tea drinkers in 2004, and it was very well received among our customers. This purple color green tea not only has unique color and taste, but also has many medical benefits.

First Purple Lady tea tree was found in 1985. After several years’ R&D, researchers are now able to grow Purple Lady tea trees in selected regions. Purple Lady green tea was made from leaves of Purple Lady tea trees. Its dry leaves are in dark purple color. It has mellow taste and unique aroma. Water of different PH level brews it into different liquor color.

Some medical researches show that Purple Lady green tea can lower blood pressure. Researchers are now studying its effect on weight loss and lower blood sugar.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tradition vs. Profit

I came across a news recently that a Wu Niu Zao grower in ZheJiang produced lightly roasted Oolong from Wu Niu Zao tea tree leaves. This definitely comes with tremendous financial benefits. Traditionally, Wu Niu Zao is only harvested in early spring to make Yong Jia Wu Niu Zao green tea. With the new development, Wu Niu Zao can be harvested again in late spring to make Oolong, a tea that is gaining popularity now.

While we support the effort of new tea R&D, I am concerned about the trend of chasing popular teas for profits. Wu Niu Zao is both a tea tree name and a tea name. Although Wu Niu Zao is a wonderful green tea, its name is quite often associated with faked West Lake Long Jing made from Wu Niu Zao leaves. During the Pu-erh heydays, almost every tea producer in Yunnan was making Pu-erh. Green and black tea raw materials were all put into making Pu-erh. People later realized that not all of them were suitable for making Pu-erh, and not all the producers were skillful at making Pu-erh.

I will be thrilled to celebrate and promote the birth of a new tea if the grower gives his new tea a new name, instead of calling his tea Oolong. Otherwise, I’ll remain skeptical when I see a green tea producer making Oolong or an Oolong tea producer making Pu-erh.

What’s your view on this? I would like to hear from you.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sipping White Peony on a sunny spring day

Linda has been bugging me about writing a review for our Spring Organic White Peony for days. Finally, on this sunny spring day, I sit down and begin blogging….

Well, where share I begin? This is a lovely tea. Upon opening the foil bag, I found myself happily surrounded by this intense, albeit pleasantly refreshing aroma. “This must be a good one” I said to myself. I brewed a cup in a white Gai Wan. A complex and refreshing aroma rose from the cup. Sipping it is another joy. It left a clean, crispy feeling in my mouth and I could not help noticing the sweet after taste dancing on my tongue.

At $0.40 per brewing, this is one of my favorite daily drinks now. Did I mention that White Peony also has medical benefits?

Happily drinking White Peony in GuiYang