Monday, November 12, 2012

Chinese Green Tea - Ping Shui Ri Zhu (平水日铸)

Many Chinese tea drinkers are familiar with Gunpowder green tea, i.e. Ping Shui Zhu Cha (平水珠茶). It is a famous Chinese green tea from Zhe Jiang province. In his book, 4 World-Famous Chinese Green Teas, Mr. Chen introduced Ping Shui Ri Zhu (平水日铸). Although Ping Shui Zhu Cha was evolved from Ping Shui Ri Zhu, the two should not be confused. A historical famous Chinese green tea by itself, Ping Shui Ri Zhu dates back to Song Dynasty. Local government brought back its production in early 80's, and is a having a big push to regain its old fame.