Sunday, September 11, 2005

News: Guang Zhou Tea Market is full of faked Pu-erh

According to recent news, a recent investigation by Yunnan Tea Business Association and Pu-erh County reveals that Guang Zhou Tea Market is full of faked Pu-erh. Yuntong Ding, vice president of Yunnan Tea Business Association, even believes that most of Pu-erh that local consumers bought in Guang Zhou is faked. According to Yuntong Ding, most Pu-erh sold in Guang Zhou is from Meng Hai and Pu-erh areas. Annual Pu-erh production of these two areas is only 3,000 tons. Given that the Southern Market sells 30,000 -40,000 tons of Pu-erh per year, it is obvious that most of Pu-erh sold there is faked. Weizhen He, vice president of Guang Zhou Tea Industry Association, admitted that there are faked Pu-erh in Guang Zhou, but disagreed with the numbers. Yunnan is applying for “Pu-erh Tea” mark similar to what Zhe Jiang did to protect Long Jing tea.

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