Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Palace Museum Tribute Pu-erh is back to its hometown and Pu-erh Price keeps rising

The famous Palace Museum Golden Melon Tribute Pu-erh ended its 20 day journey and arrived at Pu-erh County on April 6. Along with arrival of the century old Pu-erh, here comes another heat wave of Pu-erh. This year’s mao cha prices have raised to 3 to 5 times of last year’s prices.

Although local tea farmers are enjoying another prosperous year, the skyrocketing costs and concerns over overheating have kept some Pu-erh producers and vendors staying on sidelines this year. How high can Pu-erh prices go? Some people have started to propose a Pu-erh future market. Humm… a Pu-erh future market, how do you like this idea?


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