Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Famous Tea Mountains in Yunnan

How many tea mountains are there in Yunnan? A lot! Many Pu-erh drinkers have heard of “Six Tea Mountains”. Then there are famous tea mountains like Nan Nuo, Jing Mai. How do these tea mountains relate to “Six Tea Mountains”?

Historically, there are six tea mountains: You Le, Ge Deng, Yi Bang, Mang Zhi, Man Zhuan, and Man Sa. You Le is located in now Jin Hong City. Gen Deng, Yi Bang, Mang Zhi, and Man Zhuan are located in now Xiang Ming County. Man Sa is located in now Yi Wu County. The historical “Six Tea Mountains” are all located at north of Lan Cang River.

There are also six tea mountains south of Lan Cang River. Nan Nuo and Jing Mai are one of them. The other four mountains are: Meng Hai, Ba Da, Nan Qiao, and Meng Song. Nan Nuo, Meng Hai, Ba Da and Nan Qiao are all located in Meng Hai Town. Jing Mai is located in Hui Min County.

One tea mountain that is not on either of the “Six Tea Mountains” list is Yi Wu. Yi Wu is located beside Man Sa. Yi Wu quickly became an up-star when the historical “Six Tea Mountains” were on the wane. Pu-erh made of leaves from Yi Wu tea tree leaves is famous for its high quality after long aging.

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