Monday, June 13, 2005

Talks about Zi Sha Teapot 2

We now know that high quality clay is very important to the final quality of a Zi Sha teapot. But how do you as a final consumer know that your teapot is made of high quality clay? In general, a Zi Sha teapot made of good quality clay has soft and elegant color that catches your eyes. If a teapot looks either dull or abnormally shiny, which generally suggests that the teapot may be polished, then this teapot is very likely made of low quality clays.

When you lightly knock your teapot body or handle with your teapot cap, the sound that the hit can also reveal the quality of the clay. If it is a crispy sound, the teapot is made of ordinary quality clay with right firing temperature. If it is a metallic sound, the teapot is made of good quality clay. On the other hand, A dull sound suggests either low quality clay or low firing temperature – neither of them is desirable. A teapot with pleasant steel sound that echoes is made of high quality clay and has been used for many years – highly desirable.

So, do you know how to judge your clay quality now? Next time, we will discuss how to judge if a teapot is hand-crafted.

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