Sunday, November 28, 2004

How to choose a right teapot for brewing Pu-erh?

As we discussed in our We Reveal the Mystery of Pu-erh, you should look for thick wall rough clay, round belly purple clay teapots. Thick wall rough clay will help to absorb some impure tastes of Pu-erh, while round belly will allow Pu-erh large leaves to expand. You should also make sure that water can be poured out quickly. This function requirement is quite often neglected.

When choosing a purple clay teapot for brewing tea, stick to the fundamentals. Your money should be spent on functionality, quality of clay, and excellence in craftsmanship. Do not over pay only because it carries a famous craftsman’s seal. Other than the fact that there are many faked seals out there, quite often products of famous craftsmen’s students also carry famous craftsmen’s seal. One reason that people seek famous craftsmen’s products is that they care about the quality of clay and they normally have access to high quality clays. Well aged clays are highly sought after and demand high prices. Therefore, if you stick to the fundamentals, your money will be well spent.

There are two types of purple clay teapots. One is for display, and the other one is for brewing tea. Although many famous craftsmen manage to find a balance between the two, some teapots are just too fancy and lose their function for brewing a good cup of tea. If you search some reputable tea retailers’ site that also sell purple clay teapots, you will notice that those demand high prices are those stick to basic design but shows high quality of clay and excellent attention to details.

Do your research, and you will find a purple clay teapot that serves you and your tea well.

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