Saturday, November 20, 2004

Do you know the difference between brewing tea for testing vs. for tasting?

The purpose of brewing tea for testing is to bring out all the bad aspects of tea. The purpose of brewing tea for tasting, on the other hand, is to avoid all the bad aspects of tea. As you can see, the two actually serve completely opposite purposes.

When brewing tea for testing, we normally use hot boiling water to brew tea for 5 minutes in a covered teaware. This will bring out all the bad tastes and smells of tea. When brewing tea for tasting, a seasoned tea master knows how to brew a tasty cup of tea by adjusting water temperature and brewing time based on characteristics of individual tea. For examples of various tea tasting brewing methods, please visit our site at The brewing instructions for our teas are carefully developed by our house tea master, Ms. Di Liu, the first Tea Ceremony Artificer in China, which is ranked higher than the title of Senior Tea Master.

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