Wednesday, December 06, 2006

YIBEIDING (宜北町) Black Tea House

Google 宜北町(YIBEIDING), I got over thousand hits. Quickly read through the first 20 or so search results, it is clear to me that YIBEIDING has successfully embedded in local people’s life. People blog about their life, their memories at YIBEIDING.

Walking into any YIBEIDING branch, you will be very impressed by its tasteful interior design - welcoming with a sense of harmony. No wonder some customers visit there every day! Either you want a quite corner for a good hour long reading or a cozy place for group gathering, YIBEIDING has all to offer.

Although its top-notch store design creates natural attraction, what really set YIBEIDING aside from all competitors are its unique products, specially flavored house black tea drinks, and high quality service. “We only use top quality products. From ingredients to even tea cups, you can expect the best at YIBEIDING. That is our promise to our customers.” said Wang, CEO

“Let’s meet at YIBEIDING.
We are passionate about every cup of tea we made.
Welcome to YIBEIDING.
Cool Drink or hot treat,
Strong taste or light flavor,
Our colorful selections will always satisfy you the most.”

Linda in GuiYang


Stefan said...

Question: If cooked/aged puerh isnt generally all that bad as most puerh folk think where do i find a really good buck?

TeaHub said...

Dear Stefan,

Cooked Pu-erh and aged Pu-erh are two different things. There are uncooked vs. cooked Pu-erh and young vs. aged Pu-erh. If you are looking for good aged cooked Pu-erh, I would recommend the 28 yr Pu-erh Golden Bud .


Stefan said...

Dear Linda,

thanks for your answer.
This Golden Bud Pu-erh looks
very smooth!
I dont know enough of Pu-erh
science. I have tried several so called "aged" Pu-erh like loose Yunnan Palace and i liked that.
But i also drink
Canger Tuocha which i like best.
But green Pu-erh vs. dark Pu-erh, i like to smell,to taste the qi of the Pu-erh which unfortunately many of them i tried did not have.

TeaHub said...

Hi Stefan,

If you are in searching for Qi, other than aged green Pu-erh, aged light-fermented black Pu-erh may also satisfy you.