Monday, August 14, 2006

Findings on A.niger’s role in ripe Pu-erh post fermentation process

Researches on Aspergillus flora during ripe Pu-erh post fermentation process can be dated back to 1998, when Zongdao Chen and team reported around 80% of all Aspergillus found in ripe Pu-erh Wo-Dui process was A.niger. Hongjie Zhou and team echoed Chen and team’s finding on A.niger in ripe Pu-erh Wo-Dui process in 2004. Zhou and team’s found that A.niger was a dominant Aspergillus in ripe Pu-erh Wo-Dui process. A research conducted by Keke Chen and team in 2005, however, had a different finding.

K. Chen and team analyzed four ripe Pu-erh Wo-Dui samples from four different Pu-erh manufactures in four areas of Yunnan, and found no A.niger in either of the samples. Their research showed significant regional differences among the types of Aspergillus found in the four samples. The two samples from similar high heat and high humidity areas shared the most similarity. They also had the most Aspergillus varieties.


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