Thursday, May 11, 2006

How to prepare Tuo Cha for brewing?

Tuo Cha is normally tightly compressed and hard to break apart. Bai nationality people have their own way to enjoy Tuo Cha through the following steps:

Step1: Wrap a Tuo Cha with a cotton wrap then steam it using a clean bamboo steamer. Hot steam will soften the Tuo Cha in about 20 to 30 minutes.
Step2: With the cotton wrap on, slightly knead the Tuo Cha into loose shape.
Step3: Dry up the loosened Tuo Cha and store it in a ceramic container for near future consumption.

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Nico D said...

Isn't there a danger that the wet leaves would partially oxidize, ruining the original flavor?

TeaHub said...

First all, use this method only if you plan to consume your Tuo Cha in near future. This is a method to prepare Tuo Cha for brewing not for future aging.

Secondly, you need to completely dry the leaves after they loose up.

Follow the above instructions, you should be able to enjoy your Tuo Cha.


Tea Lover said...

Can this method be used for all kinds of Puerh teas that are tightly pressed or only Tuo Cha?

I have a cake that is pressed very strongly - it is hard to separate leaves from it without breaking them. (I tried it using also the method you recommend for cakes, but ended up with broken leaves and crumbly pieces).

Should I break of a certain part of that cake that I plan to consume in the near future and then apply the steaming method? (And what's the best way to break off that part? Currently, I would hit on it with a hammer so that it breaks off).